0Hdp019CzlJfzlpbNfXvCGzVdUU Daphne the Doberman: February 2010

Surfcaster Motel

Here I am enjoying myself at the Surfcaster Motel.  What a backyard this place has.  The Surfcaster Motel is pet friendly.  The man who owns it really liked me and told me that once some big cats stayed here too.  The young people who work in the restaurant liked me too.  They wanted to give me some pepperoni but my mom said no.  

5935 South Highway A1a
Melbourne Beach, FL 32951-3704
(321) 723-1967

Sebastian Inlet State Park

Here I am once again freezing my tail off.  Mom gave me her jacket.  I thought we lived in the tropics.  This park was pretty.  There was a nice beach.  I saw surfers and pelicans.  Lots of pelicans.  Maybe we can come back when its warm and take proper pictures.  In the meantime we have to go home and hunker back down.

9700 S. State Road A1A, Melbourne Beach 32951
(321) 984-4852


Here I am enjoying a cold ocean breeze with my mom.  My photographer didn't take very many pictures of me here.  My photographer says all beaches are starting to look alike.  If my photographer had her way we'd only go to springs.  This was a nice park but not really for dogs.  The only place I was allowed was the parking lot.

State Road A1A North, Fort Pierce 34949
(772) 468-3985

Fort Pierce Inlet

What a nice park.  My mom says its a lot like John Lloyd.  It is in the sense that there are lots of nice dog walks and picnic benches.  I even found a dog wash.  Like all of the parks, I am not allowed on the beach or in the water.  That is ok.  I read the sign.  Nobody was allowed in the water because there is dangerous marine life on the loose.  Sharks.  Man-of-War.  Just as scary as alligators.  Maybe worse.  I enjoyed the view from afar.  The nice volunteer at the park entrance thought I was cute and gave me a cookie.

905 Shorewinds Drive, Fort Pierce 34949