0Hdp019CzlJfzlpbNfXvCGzVdUU Daphne the Doberman: Werner-Boyce Salt Springs State Park II

Werner-Boyce Salt Springs State Park II

As promised, my photographer took me back to Werner-Boyce State Park.  This time we used the State Road 52 entrance which is called "The Black Rail Trail."  We don't know why they call it that as you can see here that the rail is not black. In any case, this is the dog gate.

We went and and walked down the dirt road a bit.  My photographer said "Wow!" and took these two pictures.  

We found a Nature Trail.  We started to walk down it but decided it was too muddy. We thought about ignoring the mud and going further but my photographer was concerned about me having muddy paws.  My grandparents said they have wild hogs running around back there.  I wanted to see one but after thinking about it I decided to turn around.

We walked back to the dirt road and then walked all the way to the end of the dirt road.  It wasn't really that far.  It was hot out.  This park doesn't have a lot of dog amenities.  No showers, baths or water spigots.  They do have a little stand with bags for picking up after dogs who have to do their business.  It was empty.  Well, it was fun but we wanted to get out of the sun.  I had a chance to read the information board on the way out and then hit the road!

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